A soil well suited to acid loving plants.

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  • Our Ericaceous Topsoil has a dark, rich, sandy loam texture which ensures a friable, free draining material that encourages strong root growth. A single source virgin topsoil has been carefully selected as the base material for this product. This has then been blended with natural specialist ingredients to create a consistent and fertile growing media for acid loving plants. The base soils natural clay element coupled with a very high quality organic material enables this ericaceous topsoil to retain water and essential plant nutrients well in dry weather.

    - pH 5-6.5 ideal for acid loving plants
    - Lime free
    - Regularly tested to BS3882 specific purpose acidic topsoil
    - Consistent
    - Sandy loam
    - Friable
    - Easy to use
    - Free draining
    - Well supplied with organic matter and essential nutrients
    - Retains moisture and nutrients
    - Acidic plants such as Ericaceous plants include Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias, Heathers, Pieris, Blueberry, Cassiope, Eucryphia, Enkianthus, Fothergilla, Gaultheria, Leucothoe, Nyassa, Kalmia, Pseudowintera, Styrax and Vaccinum.

    Not suitable for
    Alkaline loving plants & vegetables

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