Our mushroom compost has consistent pH and texture properties. It is alkaline in nature, which makes it excellent for vegetable crops and replenishing poor soils economically and quickly. You can buy it in bulk bags (approx. 1m3) or 75L bags.

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  • Our mushroom compost comes directly from mushroom farms.

    Formed from composted agricultural straw and rotted manure blend before being used as a mushroom growing medium, it is sought after by horticulturalists because of its ability to replenish soils economically and quickly.

    - Steam sterilised & weed free.

    - Organic Matter: 66%

    - Mushroom Compost pH Level: 6.5-7

    - Mushroom Compost NPK:

    - (N) Nitrogen: 2.4%
    - (P) Phosphorus: 0.6%
    - (K) Potassium: 3.1%

    - Ammonia: 0.26%

    - Magnesium: 0.4%

    - Nitrate: 0.08%

    As mushroom compost is alkaline in nature you should avoid using it around ericaceous (acid-loving) plants. Mushroom compost is excellent in the vegetable garden, as vegetable crops usually grow best when the soil is not acid. And alkaline brassicas (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi) are less likely to be infected by clubroot disease.

    A 50mm layer should be spread over the area to be treated, then forked or rotavated in. A 75mm layer could be considered with very poor soils.

    Buy this high quality mushroom compost online today from the Luxury Wood Company.

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