Our well-rotted horse manure is made from organic horse manure and stable shavings. It is fully organic, contains no pests or pathogens, and is suitable for nearly any use. You can buy it in bulk bags (approx. 1m3) or 60L bags.

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60 x 40L PACK (Bags)

  • Our nutrient-rich well-rotted horse manure compost is a traditional alternative for those looking to avoid the use of chemical fertilisers.

    Made from organic horse manure and stable shavings, this compost is suitable for nearly any use. Due to the animal's diet, this soil improver will not contain any seeds that could introduce weeds or other plants to your gardens. Our composting methods ensure that it is free of pests and pathogens and does not have a particularly strong odour.

    Our horse manure compost contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals crucial to plant growth, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, making it ideal for use as a soil conditioner, surface mulch, and an aid to planting for any keen amateur or professional gardeners.

    - Fully organic horse manure soil improver
    - Increases the level of rich organic material in your soil
    - Increases the level of nutrients in your soil
    - Perfect for mulching roses
    - Contains no pests or pathogens
    - pH level - 5.8


    Order bulk horse manure online today and get it delivered straight to your door.

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