Our Blended Loam Topsoil is a premium multi-use soil perfect for lawns, seeding and turfing.

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  • Our Blended Loam Topsoil is perfect for lawns, seeding and turfing and a wealth of other applications where a fertile, fine screened topsoil is required.

    Produced from a single sourced virgin topsoil blended with sand and organic compost to create a truly consistent, premium grade 8mm multi-purpose topsoil.

    The addition of organic compost enriches the topsoil, ensuring a high organic matter content and good levels of available nutrients. The sand helps provide good drainage qualities and ensures ease of use. A single sourced virgin topsoil as the base ingredient provides peace of mind to the most dis-earning of projects.

    This blended loam topsoil is screened to 8mm to guarantee a fine, stone-free multi-purpose topsoil. Perfect for turfing, seeding, beds & borders and delicate applications including stata cells.

    - BS3882:2007 Fully compliant.
    - Rich in organic matter and available nutrients.
    - Manufactured from a single sourced virgin soil.
    - Friable.
    - 8mm Screened.
    - Sandy loam.
    - Free-draining.

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