Important: COVID-19 UK Lockdown and Luxury Wood

Important: COVID-19 UK Lockdown and Luxury Wood

Update as of 24 March 2020: 

Dear Luxury Wood Customers,

Luxury Wood is monitoring the current COVID-19 situation on a daily basis and we have had numerous inquiries regarding current operations. Please be advised that:

1. We are operating normally for the time being. As a fuel provider, Luxury Wood is considered an Essential Supplier under government guidelines and we will not be ceasing our warehouse or delivery operations unless specifically instructed to do so.

2. All Luxury Wood staff are working from home where possible so please be mindful that phone lines may be jammed and if possible please submit queries to

3. Our third party carrier, Pallex, is at the current time, operating normally. The only difference is that customers wishing to decline signing paper or electronic devices as proof of delivery may do so, with drivers following sensible precautions to prevent material contamination.  We are also permitting "silent drops" where the driver will not knock on the door and instead leave the pallet in a safe space (however we must be advised of this and ask that CLEAR instructions are provided as to where the pallet(s) should be placed).

4. Due to the number of people concerned about lack of supply and the "panic buying" which has gripped the UK, we are for now keeping in force the two-pallet per order limit until further notice.

We hope you are safe at this current time and would like to thank everyone for their patience while we progress through this difficult period.


Update as of 18 March 2020: 

Due to the recent outbreak and worsening situation of COVID-19 we are asking all of our customers to be aware of the following: 

1. We understand that some customers want larger than normal quantities of firewood and wood pellets given current concerns about disruption to supply chains. Although we are not anticipating shortage of supply we have a responsibility to ensure heating supplies remain available to vulnerable groups. Therefore we are asking customers to limit orders to a maximum of TWO pallets until further notice. 

2. We understand that some customers may not want to handle or sign the electronic delivery confirmation device during the COVD-19 outbreak. Drivers are therefore being permitted to enter customer confirmation on delivery on your behalf. If you would like to avoid all contact with the driver then please notify us and we will request that delivery is made in your absence (bear in mind however that we need clear instructions on where to place the pallet).

3. We are currently answering all calls however lines are very busy. We ask that where possible you order online and submit queries to 

4. We are currently meeting usual delivery time frames of 3-5 working days from date of order placement, however this may change. If you are urgently requiring fuel we ask that you contact us so we can give you a definitive date for your delivery. 

We advise all our customers to stay informed on a daily basis regarding developments concerning COVID-19 as we progress together into this unchartered territory.