Siberian Larch Cladding in “Shadow Gap” style are naturally durable. They require very little treatment and maintenance. Thanks to their resilience and honey-golden hues, they are a perfect choice for the discerning homeowner.

Many homeowners prefer the Siberian Larch “Shadow Gap” cladding style for its classic look. The boards are cut into such pieces allowing each one to fit together with the adjoining one. Thus, enabling dimensional movement.

  • Dimensions: 145 mm X 21 mm
  • Grade AB (high grade, virtually knot free)

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4.0 Metres (£41.29 per sqm)

  • If you are looking for beautiful, durable and stable cladding timber, kiln-dried larch shadow gap cladding is the golden standard. Possessing all the qualities of the more expensive Western Red Cedar, the larch cladding comes at a more affordable price and is easily obtainable.

    Siberian Larch Cladding "Shadow Gap" Style Benefits:

    • - 100% Kind-Dried Larch 145mm x 21mm
    • - Kiln-dried to the moisture of content of 13-19%
    • - Graded to BS EN 942, Grade AB (high grade, virtually knot free)
    • - Naturally durable, and does not need treating.
    • - One-off delivery fee, based on postcode, see here.

    Our kiln-dried larch shadow gap cladding has been grown over many, many years. The prolonged growth period allows the cladding timber to develop uncontested thickness and resilience. In addition, the high resin content acts as a pest repellent and natural impregnation for the exterior cladding timber.

    Timber Specifications: 

    • Type of wood: Siberian Larch
    • Life span: Proven life expectancy of 50+ years
    • Colour: Typically golden to light brown hues. It will begin to grey naturally within 12-24 months of the installation.
    • Purpose: Cladding (Exterior use)
    • Size: Each board is 4 m long
    • Dimensions: 145 mm X 21 mm
    • Profile Direction: The Shadow Gap cladding can be installed both horizontally and vertically
    • Moisture: The Shadow Gap profile maintains a waterproof profile
    • Insect Resistance: Natural resin repels insects
    • Impact and Abrasion: Resistant. Naturally durable, it does not need treating. 
    • Appearance: Shadow Gap Larch boards fit easily, creating an optical illusion for dimensional movement 

    Crane delivery is GUARANTEED on ANY quantity you order! 

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