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Larch holds uncontested appeal thanks to its honey-hued golden brown colouring, naturally resilient to moisture, insect attacks, and even casual wear and tear. Choose Rainscreen cladding, sometimes known as Rhombus Cladding or Rainshield, for any walling project.

  • Dimensions: 58mm wide and 21mm thickness
  • Graded to BS EN 942, Grade AB (high grade, virtually knot free)
  • Price includes 20% VAT

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4.0 Metres (£2.99 per lm)

  • Rainscreens (also referred to as Rhombus Cladding or Rainshield) made from quality timber add an appealing look and functionality.

    Benefits of kiln-dried larch rainscreens

    - Beautiful golden brown colouring
    - Naturally resilient to moisture, insect attacks, and casual wear and tear


    - Type of wood: Larch 
    - Life span: Proven life expectancy of 50+ years
    - Size: 58mm wide and 21mm thick
    - Grade: Graded to BS EN 942, Grade AB (high grade, virtually knot free)
    - Colour: Typically golden to light brown hues. It will begin to grey naturally within 12-24 months of the installation.
    - Purpose: Rainscreen Cladding
    - Moisture: Larch is naturally moisture resistant. The V-groove profile offers additional moisture resilience.
    - Timber Moisture Content: Kiln-dried to 13%-19%
    - Insect Resistance: High resin content repels insects
    - Impact and Abrasion: Resistant. Kiln-dried larch withstands everyday wear and tear as well as scratches.


    What are the benefits of rainscreen cladding?

    The advantages of external rainscreen cladding include: No condensation and humidity; extended lifetime of the façade; reduced structural movements; improved thermal and acoustic insulation; increased energy efficiency. It also adds value to the building.

    Delivery and Return policy

    Crane delivery is guaranteed on any quantity ordered. A one-off delivery fee is applied to the purchase based on your postcode.

    More information can be found here.

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