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Excel Smokeless Coal

EXCEL smokeless briquettes are premium coal are HETAS approved and DEFRA certified for use in Smoke Controlled Zones. 

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50 x 20KG
30 x 20KG
20 x 20KG
10 x 20KG

  • EXCEL briquettes (20kg) are HETAS approved smokeless coal which is suitable for all closed multi-fuel appliances. 

    EXCEL coal is made from high-quality anthracite and produces significantly lower air pollution than traditional house coal. They are DEFRA certified for use in Smoke Control Areas under section 20 of the Clean Air Act (1993).

    • - Average weight per briquette - 100 grams
    • - Sulphur content not exceeding 1.9% of the total weight.
    • - Super strong 20KG BAGS
    • - HETAS certified
    • - Suitable for closed multi-fuel appliances
    • - Authorised for use in Smoke Control Areas under section 20 of the Clean Air Act (1993)

    A HETAS approved premium medium-sized square-shaped briquette - easy to light with a good heat output - suitable for open fires, closed appliances and multifuel stoves.

    What is smokeless coal made from?

    Smokeless coal is a fuel that releases approximately 5 grams (or less) per hour of smoke when consumed. Compared to other fuels, this is 25 percent less carbon dioxide and 80 percent less smoke. The absence of volatile materials guarantees the lack of thick smoke when the smokeless coal is burned.

    Choose EXCEL smokeless coal - better for you, your appliance and the environment.

    Smokeless coal has a fantastic heat output. It burns brighter, stronger and longer than the rest fuel alternatives.