Oak Combo Pallet - the perfect package for all firewood needs! This pallet includes kiln dried oak logs, firelighter packs, kindling bags, butane lighter and more. The kiln dried oak logs are ideal for providing long-lasting, hot fire! The firelighter packs and kindling bags are a great way to light any of your fires.

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  • This fire starter combo kit with oak kiln-dried logs is here to make your fire starting as easy as possible. Containing one of the best types of firewood available on the market, it also comes with a variety of firelighter packs, kindling bags, and heat logs. 


    - Gives you all you need to start a fire
    - Helps you build a long-lasting, hot fire which gives off excellent heat even when only the embers are left


    This combo contains:
    - Crate of oak kiln dried logs with external dimensions 1.10 x 1.18 x 0.8m and loose volume of 1.56 m3
    - 5 firelighter packs
    - 3 x kindling bags
    - 2 packs of heat logs
    - 1 x gas butane lighter
    - 2 packs wood wool lighters


    Which wood burns the best?

    Oak, birch, and ash are all good firewood choices. They produce excellent heat and have a high calorific value. There are some slight differences between the three in terms of burn duration, so we recommend you read this article to decide which kind would best fit your preferences.

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