This combo pallet is the perfect package for all fire-starting needs! It includes a crate of birch kiln dried logs, firelighter packs, kindling bags, lighters, and more. The logs are kiln dried to ensure a long-lasting, clean burn, while the firelighters and kindling bags make it easy to get the fire going quickly and safely.

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  • This fire starter combo kit with birch kiln-dried logs is a great choice if you want to start your fire quickly. A favourite in Scandinavia, birch firewood will give you a high heat output and bright, lively flames. The firelighter packs, kindling bags, and heat logs included in this combo will greatly facilitate the fire-starting process.


    - All you need to start a fire in one place
    - Gives a bright-flamed, intense fire


    This combo contains:
    - Crate of birch kiln dried logs with external dimensions 1.10 x 1.18 x 0.8m and loose volume of 1.56 m3
    - 5 firelighter packs
    - 3 x kindling bags
    - 2 packs of heat logs
    - 1 x gas butane lighter
    - 2 packs wood wool lighters


    What is a fire starter kit?

    A fire starter kit is a selection of items that help you start a fire quickly. These items may include firelighters, kindling, etc. of different types and origins. A firewood starter pack goes one step further as, in addition to these helpers, it also contains a bundle of firewood for your convenience.

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