Our crates of kiln dried logs are incredible value for money. By stacking the kiln dried logs tightly into these crates it is possible to get 50% more wood than the same volume as loose or bulk bagged loads. Our full crates come stacked with Ash, Birch, or Oak or if this is too much for you, our half crate of kiln dried ash is a perfect starter quantity.

More advice on Kiln Dried Log Crates from The LWC Team...

Why do people buy crates? The kiln dried log crate has become a symbol of quality fuel in the UK. Many people do not want to pay for the extra cost involved in bagging kiln dried logs, and by buying crates, customers can avoid that cost. However, if you have any doubt about the suitability of the surface we are delivering your kiln dried logs to, please order nets, as these can be passed off the truck to the customer if necessary. A kiln dried log crate needs a flat surface with no incline for safe delivery of your kiln dried logs.




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