Smooth Siberian Larch Decking. Price includes 20% VAT.

Smooth kiln-dried Larch decking boards are naturally durable and have a proven life expectancy of over 50 years. The boards' dimensions are 145mm x 28mm; Kiln-dried to approx 13-19%, but may vary between production and installation on-site.

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3.0 Metres (£49.89 per sqm)
6.0 Metres (£49.89 per sqm)

  • The smooth Siberian Larch decking profile is suitable for many projects, from large-scale construction to small DIY projects. Larch is very resinous and extremely hard-wearing, making it one of the world's toughest and most durable softwoods. 

    • - 100% Siberian Larch Decking Boards - 145mm x 28mm
    • - Highly versatile profile, can be used for fencing, paneling and cladding.
    • - Kiln-dried to a moisture content of 13-19%
    • - Graded to BS EN 942, Grade AB (high grade, virtually knot free)
    • - Naturally durable, and does not need treatment.
    • - One-off delivery fee, based on postcode, see here.

    The larch decking's smooth profile is more weather-resistant than spruce and pine because of its more dense wood structure (about 40% higher density than spruce/pine) and high resin content. Because of its smooth profile, larch decking doesn't need additional treatment and can be installed in its natural state, even in external conditions.

    Timber Specifications: 

    • - Life span: Proven life expectancy of 50+ years
    • - Grade: Graded to BS EN 942, Grade AB (high grade, virtually knot free)
    • - Purpose: Exterior use
    • - Kiln Dried Larch Decking Board Dimensions (mm): Thick and wide pieces (145mm x 28mm)
    • - Sizes: 3m and 6 m.
    • - Origin: Sustainable forests
    • - Moisture: Larch Decking is kiln-dried to approx 13-19% before machining but may vary between production and installation on site.
    • - Wood Density: 590kg / m³
    • - Insect attack: Resistant
    • - Impact and Abrasion: Resistant. Naturally durable, it does not need treating. 
    • - Appearance: Smooth Kiln Dried Larch decking has colour tones from pale reddish-brown to golden brown. Once weathered, the colour will be a subtle grey. 

    Crane delivery is guaranteed on any Larch Decking order!

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