Here we have lots of little ‘add-on’s which we can put on your pallet without an additional delivery charge! Please note that the items listed in these sections can only be ordered along with a pallet, and it is not possible to make up an order with just items from our Extras section. At the very least do not forget kindling and firelighters to go with your kiln dried log, coal or heat log order!

More advice on Extras from The LWC Team...

We recommend that everyone test the moisture content of their kiln dried logs. Kiln dried firewood varies between suppliers with some unscrupulous sellers advertising logs for sale which haven’t even been in a kiln! To ensure your kiln dried wood is really ‘kiln dried’, moisture testing will give you the confidence that you have really found a reliable source of logs for sale. Finally, pick up one of our temperature gauges – kiln dried logs are best burnt at optimal operating temperature and these little gadgets give you a good idea of how hot your kiln dried wood is burning.




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