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Heat logs made of 100% hardwood shavings for a longer burn.

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24 x 10 KG
48 x 10 KG
72 x 10 KG
96 x 10 KG

  • Our hardwood briquettes are made of 100% hardwood chips and wood shavings without any artificial additives and chemicals. These briquettes are a premium product which produces a lot of heat and has very high calorific specifications.

    - No additives, binding agents or chemicals
    - 5.8kwh/kg
    - Weight Per Pack 10 Kg
    - Produced from sustainable sources
    - Sturdy packaging
    - Packing may differ from the method pictured here

    *Please note the heat logs must be kept away from moisture and stored in a dry area so they remain in a good condition while in storage.

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