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Baltic Biogran pellets are certified EN+A1 wood pellets suitable for people who are able to carry the heavier 15kg bags. They are fully BSL certified and regarded as a premium wood pellet suitable also for horse bedding.

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8 x 15 KG
15 x 15 KG
30 x 15 KG
45 x 15 KG
65 x 15 KG

  • Baltic Biogran are a high quality general-purpose heating pellets which full meets the EN+A1 standard. As a very absorbent wood pellet is used across the UK as a premium horse bedding material also.

    Please note that BSL number for your wood pellets will be on the invoice that will be emailed to you after you place your order.

    - 6mm
    - Made from sustainable forestry
    - 100% renewable energy
    - Low carbon emissions
    - High energy output at 5kWh/kg
    - BSL0032912-0013

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