Our best heat log ever is the new Eco Briquette, made from sustainably forested virgin timber and produced without any chemicals, additives or binding agents. These wonderful logs emit a good bright flame and sturdy heat output. They are packed in 10kg bags, with each bag containing 5 cylindrical heat logs. If you are not quite sure about switching solely to these eco-friendly logs, be sure to check out our Combos section where you have the option of combining a smaller quantity of them with our popular Kiln Dried Logs or Peat Briquettes. Remember - all heat logs expand when burning, so it is best to start with a small quantity and add more gradually.

More advice on Heat Logs from The LWC Team...

If you are not ready to buy a full pallet of heat logs, why not try a combination of kiln dried logs and heat logs? Often our customers will burn kiln dried firewood during the day, and then put two or three heat logs on their fire at night. In other cases we have customers who will have pallet or two of heat logs in reserve, so if they have trouble finding logs for sale in January or February, they have a backup source of fuel. As long as you have somewhere dry to keep your heat logs, they will keep for many months. To start a fire with heat logs, make a small kindling fire with dry paper and kindling, then add one or two heat logs. Do not add more heat logs too quickly because you may over-build the fire. Remember, heat logs will crumble a little and break into smaller pieces. This is normal and in fact important because the broken pieces of heat logs will expand in your stove slightly. There have been reports of people damaging their stoves from ‘jamming’ full heat logs into a small stove, whereby, on expansion, they have put undue pressure on the walls of the stove or the glass door. For this reason, the smaller the pieces your heat logs are broken into, the better!

In the UK heat logs come in various shapes and sizes but the most requested form is the ‘nestro’ style such as our Eco Briquette heat logs. Heat logs such as Eco Briquette will give you anything up to 5.6kwh per kg, which is far in excess of the heat output offered by most types of firewood and kiln dried logs. Heat Logs will also give a nice bright flame in addition to the strong heat output. Eco Briquette heat logs are especially colourful burners because of their low moisture content. Finally, heat logs have one important feature that separates them from all other fuels – they are very clean burning. Because of their low moisture content, Heat Logs will burn very cleanly, and leave absolute minimal flue build-up and minimal ash in the stove. Many people in the UK will use heat logs purely for this reason - to prolong the life of their stove. In the UK heat logs are rapidly becoming a very popular fuel for all wood and multi-fuel burners.




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