Rough Sawn 30mm Kiln Dried Oak Planks. Price includes 20% VAT.

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First Grade
Character Grade
30mm x 100mm x 1200mm
30mm x 150mm x 1200mm
30mm x 200mm x 1200mm
30mm x 100mm x 2400mm
30mm x 150mm x 2400mm
30mm x 200mm x 2400mm

  • Our kiln dried oak boards are ready for planing, joining and moulding for interior or exterior applications. These European oak boards finish out beautifully for stairs, tables, countertops and flooring. 

    There are two grades that we supply:

    First Grade: This is the highest grade of Oak, it is split/crack free and is almost knot free (it can contain very small live knots, but no dead/loose knots). 

    Character Grade: This grade is split/crack free and is sold at a lower price and therefore will contain a few knots - this however is the preferred grade for a character finish. 

    - Rough sawn sections, true to size with up to 3% dimensional variance

    - 100% untreated timber from responsibly sourced timber

    - A delivery fee is calculated at checkout.

    - We use our own crane-equipped trucks and perform delivery within 5-10 working days.


    How is delivery with a Crane-Equipped Vehicle made?

    A truck equipped with a crane, or “Hiab”, as they were sometimes referred to, has a mechanical lifting device that we use to offload Oak Sleepers. Timber is tied to “slings”, which allow us to place the bundles of timber on or as close to your property as possible.

    Please note that this is an 18-tonne vehicle - we cannot get down very narrow lanes (less than 5m wide) or space with no room to turn the truck around. We will not lift over parked cars or in any situation that compromises safety. If in doubt, please call to discuss.

    View all delivery details, HERE.

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