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We have a fantastic range of premium kiln dried logs, including nets, bulk bags and crates. All our kiln dried logs are premium hardwoods, cut to approximately 25cm in length and kiln dried to 10-20% moisture content.

More advice on Kiln Dried Logs from The LWC Team...

If you have been burning seasoned or semi-seasoned firewood then kiln dried logs are going to be a real treat for you! Kiln dried logs are clean-burning with high heat output and leave less flue and chimney residue than unseasoned or semi-seasoned firewood. Although it is almost certainly cheaper to buy firewood that has not been properly dried, the cost in lower heat output and potential damage to your chimney flue can make poor quality firewood far more costly in the long run. Putting it simply, kiln dried logs are the ultimate!

Our water resistant bulk bags contain a serious amount of kiln dried logs and are a great way of saving you money. These popular bulk bags are filled with kiln dried logs which are dried to perfection, and we challenge you to test that claim!




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