Waney or Live edge, green oak boards. Price includes VAT.

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30mm x 300-350mm x 2400mm
30mm x 350-400mm x 2400mm

  • These live-edge (or waney-edge) boards are suitable for many applications. Their untouched ends retain the original uneven shape and bark of the tree, providing a rugged elegance. Such boards are typically used for furniture, especially tables, bar tops, floating shelves, etc.

    Benefits of the Luxury Wood Company live edge boards:
    • 100% oak timber
    • Natural, rustic feel
    • Crosscuts available to order at £3.00 per cut.
    • Can be air-dried
    • - Dimensions: 30 x 300-350 x 2400 (mm)
    • Untreated
    • Grade “B” Option - deep splits, various widths, mainly suitable for ripping in two

    Landscaping oak is sold "green" and requires specific joining techniques to manage movement in situ. If you are unsure, please consult a professional green oak joiner. 


    Is oak OK for cutting boards?

    Yes, oak is a perfect material for a cutting board. Wooden cutting boards are long-lasting, especially if you treat them on a regular basis. Oil them with food-grade mineral oil, beeswax, or a blend. Use lemon juice or white vinegar to remove stains and bad odours.

    Can these be used as green oak edging boards?

    They could, however, these live edge boards are not generally used for edging due to their uneven edges. It would be best to use some of our oak sleepers.

    Delivery and Return policy

    Every order will be delivered with a specialized crane-equipped vehicle featuring a crane called “Hiab”. Timber is tied to “slings”, which allow us to place the bundles of timber on or as close to your property as possible.

    IMPORTANT: Please note that our 18-tonne vehicles cannot get down very narrow lanes (less than 5m wide) or where there is no room to turn the truck around. Due to safety concerns, we cannot lift timber over parked vehicles or in any situation where safety is not 100% ensured.

    More information can be found here.

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