If you are looking for a compact and small log store, look no further than our Midi Log Store! Made from pressure treated timber, this single log store is perfect for an "in-between" storage place.

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Log stores made in the UK

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  • This small log store is perfectly proportioned to act as an "in-between" store when easy access to your dried logs is required.

    Place one outside your door and no more dashing through the rain and snow on cold winter nights. Quick and easy to assemble, it is made from the same sturdy, pressure treated timber as our full-size log stores and compliments them perfectly.

    Our midi log store specs:
    - Width: 123 cm (4ft)
    - Depth: 57 cm (1.9 ft)
    - Height: 65 cm (2.1 ft)
    - Capacity: 0.21 m3
    - Assembly Required: YES
    - Colours: Available in brown or light green.


    This product is made to order and due to the high demand delivery time is up to 4 weeks.

    Order this small wooden log store online today and get it delivered straight to your door.