"Luxury quality and luxury service. I became a customer this winter and intend to stay with this company as an excellent supplier of wood burner logs. They are, by some distance, the best company I have used. Delivery is quick and efficient, prices are very competitive, and customer service is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending the Luxury Wood Company and this endorsement is only given because it is genuine and based entirely on my experience as a customer. You could no worse than try them for yourself!"

Graham, London, January 2015

"Thanks for a trouble free transaction. 70 nets of Kiln dried Ash, ordered on Sunday. Delivered to Northern Ireland F.O.C on Friday with an average moisture content of 12%. That's worth a shout out for top class service."

Jason, Northern Ireland, October 2014

"Thank you again for a superb service. Previously used a Mega crate and just stocked up with 70 nets of Ash. Your wood is second to none and highly recommended. Delivery company also brilliant. We will definitely be back."

Roger, North Yorkshire, August 2014

"Unbelievable service, first delivery what an impression. Your delivery courier was fantastic, the driver called me on the day of delivery, I told him I could not be at home to receive it, no problem was the reply when and what time would your like to receive your delivery. First class service and the clear logs just as you said, excellent burning. Big well done."

Frank, Lancashire, June 2014

"The wood is excellent, all cut to the same size, which makes it easy to stack, and it was almost all silver birch, which smells fantastic. I have measured 20 or so logs with my moisture meter, and the highest reading I had was 10.6%, and the average about 8%, this is high quality wood indeed. I love buying wood in crates, it's so tightly stacked you get more for your money, and the crate makes great kindling too. If I had more storage, I would have bought two crates, which were such great value."

Paul, Leeds, May 2014

"We've just had the large crate delivered. We used to use another supplier but were disappointed with the quality. This wood is excellent - its so dry we don't even need kindling any more. You will be our supplier from now on. Many thanks."

Sue, Manchester, Mar 2014

"What great service from you, received pellets within 24 hours of ordering, will definitely use you again."

Andrew, Inverness, Feb 2014

"Just to say received my logs today, as described excellent product, and delivery company was absolutely brilliant. Many thanks."

Stuart, Kent, Jan 2014

"I just want to thank you for your very good service. I'll definitely order more with you in the future. Delivery is certainly good and fast. Thanks again."

Tony, Essex, Jan 2014

"Hi, had our wood and peat samplers delivered friday. Wood quality was brilliant - couldn't find any moisture in it at all with our meter. Also the peat burns very slowly and hot. Thank you, will be using you again."

Pauline, South Yorkshire, Jan 2014

"Due to unforeseen circumstances we found ourselves in urgent need of wood pellets for the boiler that heats our house, during the Christmas holidays. We tried all of the major suppliers of wood pellets and many of the smaller ones to try and source the quantity needed. The only supplier willing to consider our delivery needs was the Luxury Wood Company. We were able to communicate directly on Christmas day and the high quality pellets arrived shortly after as promised. The service and support from the Luxury Wood Company has been outstanding, we were overwhelmed with their determination to meet our needs. We are eternally grateful and will be recommending them to everyone."

Marcell, Durham, Dec 2013

"For a new woodburner I ordered a delivery of your logs, and am so impressed. The installers could find no measurable moisture content in the logs - they were impressed too! Many thanks.

Andy, Dorset, Dec 2013

"Thank you your logs are excellent. Will use your company next year."

David, Essex, Dec 2013

"Thank you for a trouble free transaction and a superb delivery service. Will definitely recommend and use again."

Andy, Suffolk, Dec 2013

"My wife and I recently placed an order with you after having issues with our previous supplier (our 5th supplier in 3 years!) and I am really pleased to say we are totally delighted with the quality of the wood we have received from you. Furthermore, after being impressed with the wood we decided to try peat and ordered a pallet which arrived today.... WOW Exactly what we were looking for. An even heat with a good slow burn. FANTASTIC service and a good price for the quality of product. Thanks!"

Iain, Warwickshire, Dec 2013

"Hi, I recently bought a huge crate of your wood and am very happy indeed. The amount is great for our needs. Cheers."

Simon, Shropshire, Nov 2013

"Hi just took delivery of my Mega Mixed Hardwood pallet and I am very impressed with the size of it - it will see us through the Winter. I would also like to mention how helpful and pleasant the delivery driver was. Guaranteed I will be using you again."

David, Glenrothes, Nov 2013

"Thanks for the delivery of the kiln dried wood, I am extremely pleased with it and it's all as described with a quick delivery."

Chris, Reading, Oct 2013

"Took delivery of 1 tonne of peat briquettes a few weeks ago from yourselves. Just wanted to say, excellent service, delivered on the day requested. As regards to the peat, I am from Irish decent, and am fully used to using peat. These briquettes are excellent for keeping our woodburner in overnight, with little ease. Cleaner than coal, and of course, cleaner in the air. Really pleased with the peat, but also your excellent service. Thank you."

Kev, Northamptonshire, Oct 2013

"The new pallet for the Jumbo crate of logs is spot on; a great improvement. Quality of Logs again top class. Keep up the good work"

Neil, Durham, Aug 2013



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