Imperial Heat is our premium high energy brand of wood burning pellets. They are one of our best selling BSL certified ENplus® pellets that exceed the ENplus® standard, come in easy-to-handle 15KG bags, and are made from sustainable forestry.

The Imperial Heat wood burning pellets prices include VAT and Standard Delivery.

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8 x 15 KG
15 x 15 KG
30 x 15 KG
45 x 15 KG
65 x 15 KG

  • Imperial Heat pellets meet and exceed the full ENplus® pellets standard and are Biomass Supplier List (BSL) authorized. If you have a pellet stove or wood boiler you could be eligible for payments under the UK government scheme called the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

    - Authorised Biomass Supplier Certificate BSL0032912-0014
    - 6mm pellets
    - Made from timber harvested in a sustainable manner
    - 100% renewable energy
    - Low carbon emissions
    - High energy output at 5.5kWh/kg

    The BSL number for your wood pellets will be on the invoice that will be emailed to you after you place your order.

    The Imperial Heat wood burning pellets also excellent as animal bedding such as those required in horse stalls. Mucking out is super easy with these high quality wood pellets.

    Do not hesitate! Buy these premium, best selling wood pellets today.

    The Luxury Wood Company ENplus® Trader Certificate

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