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New to Luxury Wood! We now offer Platinum Plus wood pellets for sale! A BSL authorised premium biomass pellet suitable for heating and horse bedding. Purchase one of the most sought after wood-burning pellets in the UK.

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  • Platinum Plus Pellets: Heating Specifications

    Platinum Plus are high-quality general-purpose heating pellets which fully meet the EN+A1 standard. Produced from virgin timber, these premium wood pellets' burning characteristics are superior.

    Please note that BSL number for your wood pellets will be on the invoice that will be emailed to you after you place your order. They have one of the highest calorific values on the market.

    - 6mm pellets

    - Made from sustainable forestry

    - 100% renewable energy

    - Low carbon emissions

    - BSL0032912-0018

    Wood pellets for horse bedding

    The Platinum Plus wood pellets are used as a premium animal bedding product, highly suited for horse bedding. The pellets have low moisture content, low ash content and contain deficient levels of trace minerals. The lack of binding agents and additives makes them incredibly pure and safe for horses and other animals. Get your environmentally friendly solution today!

    The ease of use, absorbency and health benefits to horses means that you and your stabled friends will be delighted using Platinum Plus wood pellets.

    How to use Platinum Plus Wood Pellets for horse bedding?

    The Platinum Plus wood pellets are perfect for horse and animal bedding and litter. The product is manufactured with a high grade of 100% virgin softwood.

    Dust is eliminated during production to guarantee the lowest amount possible. The ultra-absorbent Platinum Plus pellets preserve the litter tray fresh and clean longer.

    - Before using the wood pellets for horse bedding, prepare by distributing the packs in the stable and open them carefully. Pour about two gallons of water over each pack.

    - After 15 minutes, empty the wood pellets and spread them with a fork by covering all gaps and corners in the stable.

    - Let your stabled mates enjoy dense bedding which is soft and fluffy.

    For best results, horse bedding pellets should be cleaned or replaced regularly. One-two packs should satisfy your horse's needs for about a week.

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