Top Quality Untreated Oak Sleepers

We hold large quantities of UK untreated oak timber boards and oak railway sleepers all year round. Below are the dimensions and prices of the stock we hold but remember we can cut these to any lengths you need. We deliver all over the UK and although haulage is quoted on an individual basis we group landscape sleepers deliveries going to the same areas together to keep the costs down. 

100 x 200 x 2400£22.90  ea inc VATPrice on Application
125 x 225 x 2400£32.90 ea inc VATPrice on Application
50 x 200 x 2400£11.90 ea inc VATPrice on Application
30 x 200 x 2400 £7.90 ea inc VATPrice on Application
75 x 75 x 2400 £6.90 ea inc VATPrice on Application
100 x 100 x 2400£11.90 ea inc VATPrice on Application
Cross Cuts£2.00 ea inc VAT£2.00 ea inc VAT

Important Information on Untreated Oak Sleepers Grading

All our oak railway sleepers have imperfections, however we divide ours into Landscaping & Rustic grades.

Landscaping: These are untreated Oak Sleepers which we have deemed to be in good condition & suitable as general purpose sleepers or beams. There will be slight imperfections such as minor splits, the occasional knot or bark showing, but in general these are tidy cuts of wood and produce excellent results for most purposes.

Rustic: Rustic sleepers are those with severe amounts of bark or knots, warping, or very deep splits, which we have decided cannot be sent out as landscaping grade. They are only available on inquiry as we do not always have these in stock. Many carpenters and landscapers do use them, however we offer a slight discount to reflect that they are of lower quality than Landscaping Grade.

Crosscuts: We can cut any railway sleeper at a cost of £2 inc VAT per cut. We use a radial arm saw (not a chainsaw) for a very clean and precise cut. Please email us with the specific lengths you require or call us and tell us what you need.

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