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Why should you buy Kiln Dried Logs from us?

  •  All our kiln-dried logs are 100% Hardwoods - Oak, Ash or Birch
  •  Our logs are kiln-dried to a range of 10-20% moisture content
  • All our prices include VAT and delivery
  • We provide free delivery to most UK destinations!
  • We'll inform you how your order is progressing - from dispatch to delivery!

We are the leading UK supplier of kiln-dried logs, delivering quality firewood all across the UK and Ireland

If you have been looking for logs for sale, then look no further. Our kiln-dried logs are made from Ash and other fantastic hardwoods, for multi-fuel burners, firewood stoves, and open fires. We deliver heat logs, peat, wood pellets, and kiln-dried wood directly to your door and you can order from us 365 days a year! Our easy-to-use website makes it simple to stock up on kiln-dried logs for your open fireplace or firewood appliance.

For many of us, the fireplace is the most attractive element of the home through the cold winter months. We all love to sit next to a crackling fire and read or talk. But there is a catch – you want the best firewood your money can buy, and until now, kiln-dried logs have not always been available. We all know nothing is worse than ordering a load of firewood and finding on delivery that you have wet, smelly, unburnable wood. A simple way to ensure this never happens is to find a source of kiln-dried logs for sale that meet the premium grade, every time. This is where we come in!

Kiln-dried logs are a better alternative than the cheaper logs for sale at gas stations and garden stores. They give off much more heat than poorly seasoned or semi-seasoned logs, which may not even burn at all if they are too wet. Furthermore, cheap firewood often has living bacteria and bugs in it, whereas kiln-dried firewood is subjected to immense heat during the kiln-drying process, and this kills any unwanted ‘guests’ coming in via your firewood basket! Wet or improperly dried firewood tends to produce more creosote and soot than kiln-dried firewood, which can make your appliance or chimney more costly to maintain. And don’t forget, kiln-dried wood is absolutely perfect for outdoor use. A chiminea will put out fantastic heat with kiln-dried logs, and even a campfire will be no hassle to light with a solid source of kiln-dried logs.

Our kiln-dried logs come in bulk bagscrates and nets. Nets of kiln-dried wood are very easy to transport to all corners of your property and easily carried from place to place, whereas crates and bulk bags have to be moved by a pallet trolley. However, the bulk bags are water resistant so if you must leave your wood outside for a while, bulk bags of kiln-dried logs with skirt tops like ours can be ideal. We love to send people our biggest load of wood – the Jumbo Crate of kiln-dried firewood, but this is a serious amount of wood and we ask that you consider issues around delivery as discussed on our delivery information page.

Why not spend some time on this site and look around? In addition to logs for sale, we have peat briquettes for sale, heat logs for sale, and even wood pellets, the newest form of wood fuel on the market. If you want to learn more about firewood, we have a great blog section where you can pick up lots of new tips and safety advice.

For anything else, please contact us, or call us on 0800 808 5888. Also, don't forget to sign up to our newsletter so that we can let you know about our special offers and other news.

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