The Luxury Wood Company is the most highly regarded supplier of premium biomass wood pellets in the UK. We deliver to literally thousands of homes across the UK every year. All of our wood pellets are ENplus® certified and Biomass Supplier List (BSL) authorized. We currently sell Imperial Heat pellets (our own premium brand), KG pellets, SM pellets and Baltic Biogran pellets. Order today:

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    Imperial Heat is our premium high energy brand of wood burning pellets. They are one of our best selling BSL certified ENplus® pellets that exceed the ENplus® standard, come in easy-to-handle 15KG bags, and are made from sustainable forestry. The Imperial Heat wood burning pellets prices include VAT and Standard Delivery.

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    KG wood pellets are one of the UK's best selling BSL certified ENplus® wood pellets. These premium 6mm wood pellets are made from sustainable forestry and come in easy-to-handle 15KG bags. The prices include VAT and Standard Delivery.

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    New to Luxury Wood! We now offer Platinum Plus wood pellets for sale! A BSL authorised premium biomass pellet suitable for heating and horse bedding. Purchase one of the most sought after wood-burning pellets in the UK. Price includes VAT and central mainland delivery.

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