Biomass Wood Pellets - What are they Made Of And Used For?

Biomass Wood Pellets - What are they Made Of And Used For?

In this article we have answered some of the most common questions we receive about wood pellets.

How Are Wood Pellets Made?

Biomass pellets are made from either wood residue (sawdust, shavings and offcuts, which are by-products of wood processing), or from freshly cut timber especially felled for the production of wood pellets. Very high temperatures are used to dry the material and it is then compacted in a pelletizer. The naturally occurring organic binders (lignin) in the wood are being utilized in the process, meaning that no artificial additives are needed.

The final product is a uniform pellet, usually 6mm in diameter for use in domestic situations. This size makes this biomass fuel product easy to transport, handle, and store. The wood pellet moisture content is usually less than 8%.

All wood used for the production of our biomass pellets is untreated and sustainably grown.

What Are Wood Pellets Used For?

Wood pellets can be used instead of charcoal, firewood, oil and gas in heating, cooking, boiler and power plants.

An alternative use for wood pellets is animal bedding such as in horse stalls, and all of our pellets are excellent for this.

Grants For Wood Pellet Stoves And Boilers

If you have a wood boiler or pellet stove you could be eligible for payments under the UK government scheme called the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), as long as the wood pellet supplier is on the Biomass Suppliers List at the time of purchase. Find out more about the grants here.

All the wood pellets sold by The Luxury Wood Company are ENplus® certified and Biomass Supplier List (BSL) authorized.

Biomass Wood Pellets For Sale From The Luxury Wood Company

Wood pellets are a clean-burning and sustainable form of energy with the lowest ash residue of all wood fuels.

If you are looking to buy wood pellets for heating, cooking or horse bedding, we have two high-quality, ENplus® certified brands to choose from. All of our pellets come in easy to handle 15KG bags, they are made from sustainable forestry, 6mm in diameter, and have low carbon emissions.

KG Premium wood pellets with energy output at 4.8kWh/kg.

Imperial Heat wood pellets with the highest energy output at 5.5kWh/kg.

Buy premium wood pellets from Luxury Wood Company 

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