It is expected that MPs will vote to approve a second lockdown on Wednesday 4 November 2020. If approved the measures will be introduced at 00:01 GMT on Thursday 5 November and remain in place until Wednesday 2 December.

Luxury Wood, as a fuel provider, is considered an Essential Supplier under government guidelines and we will not be ceasing our warehouse or delivery operations unless there is a change in the guidance. However, as during the Spring lockdown, we would like to advise everyone that:

- Many Luxury Wood staff are working from home, so please be mindful that phone lines may not be as quick to answer as usual. If possible, please submit queries to

- Our third party carrier, Pallex, is at the current time, operating with delays. All deliveries take about 7 working days or longer depending on the area. All customers wishing to decline signing paper or electronic devices as proof of delivery may do so, with drivers following sensible precautions to prevent material contamination.  We are still permitting "silent drops" where the driver will not knock on the door and instead leave the pallet in a safe space (however we must be advised of this and ask that CLEAR instructions are provided as to where the pallet(s) should be placed).

We hope you are safe at this current time and would like to thank everyone for their patience while we progress through this difficult period.

Luxury Wood Team