The Ultimate Guide To Storing Kiln Dried Logs Outside or Inside

The Ultimate Guide To Storing Kiln Dried Logs Outside or Inside

As you may have heard before, the ideal place to store kiln dried logs is indoors where it is warm and dry. However, many of you have asked us “How do I keep kiln dried logs outdoors?” and the short answer is - YES, you can.  If you protect them from rain and snow and ensure a good air flow around the wood. Read this article to find the best ways to store kiln dried logs outside or inside.

Storing Kiln Dried Logs Outside

Here is how to store your logs outside in a practical, convenient and safe way that will keep them dry all winter long.

Consider Location Carefully and Avoid Tree Cover

Think about the specific place you want to locate them: if the oncoming winds typically blow rain in a common direction, place the firewood in an area that is as protected as possible. And remember to always put them on a flat and even surface. Kiln dried logs can take a small amount of rain without absorbing too much moisture. You would need to put kiln dried logs in a swimming pool for several days for them to return to their fresh cut state in terms of water content. That said, too much rain will increase the water content and defeats the purpose of buying kiln dried logs in the first place.

Stack Logs Neatly and Do Not Leave Logs in a Heap

The best way to stack firewood outside is to do it neatly, close to (not touching) a wall or fence. It is important to be quite precise as tight stacking will ensure that only the top layer will get damp if it rains.

Never just dump the logs in a heap (especially on grass) as they will get wet and absorb water from the ground; careful stacking will pay dividends in the long run. Also be sure to place a barrier on the ground, a pallet or some old wood beams to make sure there is air flow under the logs and not a direct connection with soil or grass.

Provide Good Circulation

To encourage air flow around your logs, do not stack them up tightly against a wall as air will not flow to the rear of the logs. This is where a log store comes into its own because the rear panels provide a “breaker” between the logs and the wall the log store is up against.

Try not to cover your logs completely with a tarpaulin, this will create a seal to stop the air circulating around the wood. If you must use a tarpaulin or plastic sheet be sure it is temporary or at least remove it on sunny days.

Use a Log Store

Logs will benefit from the protection of a dedicated storage area.

Double Bay 4ft log store - firewood storage

wooden log store features a raised floor and a slanted roof to help protect the firewood. Commonly, the front remains open; although this can cause issues with hard wet rain. You will find that it is only the front of the logs that get moist and these will quickly dry with the natural effect of the wind. Some log stores can be bought with a frontal door which is even better.

Store Kiln Dried Logs Inside Before Burning

For the best outcome of all, bring your kiln dried wood inside for a period before you use it. This assists in reducing the water content also. You can simply create a small log stack inside your porch or conservatory or place them in a mini log store or log basket.

If You Have Very Limited Space

If storage space is an issue, then it may be worth buying smaller quantities more often. Although this may cost slightly more in the long run, smaller quantities are more manageable and ideal for those who live in smaller homes. We offer small, manageable amounts of kiln dried logs in net bags.

How To Store Firewood Inside?

A covered area, l as a garage, makes an excellent location to place your kiln dried logs. However, you will still need to follow the guidelines above to ensure the logs have enough airflow. Basements are fine but again, air flow and low humidity is vital in order to avoid mould. Just remember that optimal place to store kiln dried wood is in a dry environment. Your garage or outbuilding may not be as dry as the Sahara Desert but it is better than outdoors in the rain.

Kiln dried firewood has many advantages. Do not be afraid to buy kiln dried just because you are unsure of how to store it! By following the guidelines we have outlined here, you will find that it is easy to keep your kiln dried logs in top condition.

If you are currently looking to restock with kiln dried wood, make sure to check out our large variety of high-quality kiln dried wood. All of our crates are neatly packed with premium kiln dried logs and provide incredible value for money.

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