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The Luxury Wood Company is committed to making delivery of your order as stress free as we can. Receiving goods on a wooden pallet by a lorry is, however, not the same as receiving a box from a courier, so you do need to know what to expect. We ask that you read this page thoroughly, as it provides answers to all of the commonly asked questions. If in doubt, please phone our support team and check before you place an order so we can make the appropriate arrangements for you.

When will I receive my order?

We use the third party carrier Pallex to perform all of our deliveries. Pallex is a network of smaller haulage firms who each serve their own set of postal zones with one or more local depots. It is the depot's responsibility to call you and arrange a date for delivery. Delivery should always take place on the date that you have agreed with them.

It is the responsibility of the depot to keep to this date, without exception. If the depot tries to deliver on a day other than the agreed date, you are within your rights to refuse to sign for the order and have them return on an alternative day, at no extra charge. If you do not receive the 'book-in' call from your depot within 3 days of placing your order then call us - we can chase the order for you. All being well, the final delivery usually takes place between 3 and 7 working days from the date you placed your order with us.

Remember, you can also track the status of your order by entering in your surname and invoice number into our order tracking page. For any other issues, just call us on the toll free number 0800 808 5888 or email us at  

Can I get delivery on a Next-Day or Saturday service? 

We do not provide a Saturday or Next Day service. All deliveries are made from Monday to Friday, with the driver arriving between 8am to 6pm.  

Do you have to dispatch my order immediately or can you hold it for me? 

From 1st October to 31st March we are dealing with high volumes and cannot afford to single out specific orders for storage. If you have ordered online or place an order you can assume it has been dispatched on the same day.  

Can I organise delivery for a specific time? 


We cannot arrange specific delivery times. Delivery will always occur between 8am and 6pm. If you need to know an approximate time the driver will arrive, you may ask your local depot to call you on the day of delivery to give an approximate estimate.  You can also call your local depot on the day of the delivery and ask them roughly when they think your order will arrive. The contact details of the local haulier will be displayed on our order tracking page after the consignment has reached the local depot.  

What if I am not home when delivery is attempted?

If you are not home at the time that our driver attempts delivery, someone else will need to sign for the order. If there is nobody to sign for the order, the goods will be returned to the local depot. If we cannot contact you to arrange redelivery we will return the goods to our central depot and cancel your order. Please bear in mind that in both cases, redelivery and cancellations may incur additional fees.

If I specify a safe place to leave my order, can it be left there without signature?

If you want your local depot to leave your pallet(s) without signature, you will have to explain to the delivery depot where you want the pallet left when they call you to arrange the delivery day. Although most depots will follow these instructions without any problem, please be aware that taking delivery of a pallet while you are not at home is done at your own risk, and we cannot be held liable if the depot does not put the pallet exactly where you want it.

How much will I pay for delivery? 

As long as your postal code is not included in the list at the bottom of this page, your delivery will be free of charge. 

Is it possible to collect goods directly from your location on Darlton Rd in East Drayton?

Unfortunately not. Our facility in East Drayton is a logistics operation and is not safe for members of the public.

Do you do deliveries with a fork lift or a crane?

No. All deliveries are made with a tail lift vehicle. Also please note that where possible we will always consolidate half and quarter pallets into a single pallet, although we will never exceed the weight that a tail lift can safely offload.

How is delivery with a tail lift vehicle made?

Your pallets will be offloaded from a lorry with a tail lift at the rear (see picture below). The pallet is moved with a special hand trolley from the tail lift platform onto the ground. Providing the surface is hard and flat, such as concrete, the driver may offer to move the pallet some distance. Please note that palletised delivery is officially a ‘kerbside’ service and therefore it is at the driver’s discretion as to how far it will be moved. The driver will not be able to move or push the pallet over soft or inclined surfaces, or in any case where safety is compromised.



Are there circumstances where a palletised delivery cannot be made? 

Yes. A pallet cannot be delivered:

  • Onto soft ground such as grass, gravel, or soil.
  • To a premises where it is illegal for a lorry to park or offload.
  • Where the access road is on a steep incline.
  • Where the access road does not provide 3m width clearance and 5m vertical clearance. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that there is safe and clear access for the delivery vehicle. If the haulage company arrive at your address and face one of the conditions above, the driver may decide to cancel the delivery, and this may incur a cancellation fee to cover the cost of dispatching and returning your order to our central warehouse. If you are unsure as to whether your location is suitable for a palletised delivery, please call us to discuss. We will advise as to whether there is likely to be problems at the offloading point.


Will you refund me if my order is damaged?  

Yes, but we will only refund for the quantity of goods damaged beyond use, and only where a note is made on the consignment slip on delivery. We are unable to offer compensation where no observations are recorded on the drivers consignment slip.  

Are there any areas you do NOT offer free delivery to? 

There are surcharges for some zones which are more costly for us to access, including remote areas of the UK and Central London. These charges are summarised below. Please note that our system will apply these fees for each pallet ordered (i.e., not per order). There is no special need to call us for placing orders that require delivery to these zones. Our website will automatically add these fees when you checkout online. 

Special Zone Surcharges






DG1-DG5, DG10-DG16

E1, E1W, EC




KA1-KA26, KA29-KA30



LL15-19, LL21-LL78



NW1, NW8


PL10-PL15, PL17, PL22-PL35










*Please note that orders for TR21-TR25 are dropped at the Steamship Group in TR18, and onward carriage to the islands is at the customer’s expense. Please contact 01736 334236 for further information.



AB1–AB25, AB30-AB56


IV1-IV40, IV52-IV54, IV63



PH1–PH41, PH49-PH50

PO30 -41 (Isle of White)



Republic of Ireland

Northern Ireland (BT)



GY (Guernsey)

HS (Outer Hebrides)

IM (Isle of Man)

IV41-IV51, IV55-IV56

JE (Jersey)

KA27 (Isle of Arran)

KA28 (Isle of Cumbrae)

PPA20, PA40-PA78







DG1-14, 16



EH1-49, 51-55, 95,99

FK1-15, 16-21













TR1-27, 93









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