Top quality kiln dried Birch firewood logs with less than 20% moisture content, bagged for convenience in 30L nets. Our wonderful Birch logs have a sweet aroma and high heat output. You will enjoy a clean, hot, consistent burn with minimal smoke.

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    Birch firewood logs are the favourite in Scandinavia and maintain a high heat output and have a pleasant sweet scent. Our Birch nets are packed full of 100% kiln dried Birch, dried to 10-20% moisture content. These kiln dried firewood logs are ideal for high temperature burning and are the best wood for cooking and pizza ovens for that reason.  

    - Nets: 30L in 100% Recyclable Plastic. 
    - Moisture Content: 10-20%
    - Log Length: 25cm
    - Type: 100% Kiln Dried Birch Firewood Logs

    When buying Birch wood logs for your fireplace, pizza oven, wood burner, or outdoor fire pit, go no further than these amazing nets of kiln dried logs. It is always important to ensure birch has been properly dried like these nets. Our kiln dried Birch is dried to well below 20% moisture content through a kiln drying process that removes 70% of the water volume. This is the optimum moisture content that gives you a much cleaner, hotter, consistent burn with little smoke.

    Our Birch kiln dried logs are one of our all time best sellers and the feedback we have received throughout the years is that this is an excellent Birch log. 

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