A premium debarked conifer Woodchip mulch in large Bulk Bags (Approx 1000l) sold as a decorative alternative to bark. 

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  • Our organic Wood Chip Mulch is a multicoloured medium that can be applied to walkways, gardens, and playgrounds which gives a far more interesting appearance than standard bark mulches. It will last as long as any bark mulch and gives gardens and tree areas a lighter more fresh appeal than any bark or pebble surfacing. 

    - Made from sustainably sourced mix of Welsh hard and softwoods.
    - Screened to approximately 2-5 cm pieces. 
    - White to light yellow in colour with a delicious dry woody scent. 
    - Durable, long lasting and free from contaminants.
    - Suitable for play areas and available in bulk tipper quantities (please enquire). 

    We deliver all over the UK. Order a large (approx 1000l) Bulk Bag online today.

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