A premium debarked conifer Woodchip mulch in large Bulk Bags (Approx 1000l) sold as a decorative alternative to bark. 

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  • This premium Woodchip mulch is a wonderful decorative alternative to bark for mulching. It's a multicoloured medium that's suitable for walkways, gardens, and play areas. It gives surfaces a lighter, more interesting appearance than standard bark mulches. 

    Please, enquire if you need bulk tipper quantities.

    Benefits of the Luxury Wood Company woodchip bulk bags 

    - Made from a sustainably sourced mix of Welsh hard and softwoods, debarked.

    - Screened to approximately 2-5 cm pieces.

    - White to light yellow in colour with a delicious dry woody scent.

    - Durable, long-lasting, and free from contaminants.

    - Suitable for playgrounds.


    - Each bulk bag of woodchips is approximately 1000 L 

    Please note that this bark is not certified for play areas. Contact us if you need a quote for full loads and larger applications. 

    Delivery and Return policy 

    Prices include standard delivery. For more information about shipping policies and terms, click here. 


    How much does a bulk bag of woodchip weigh? 

    One 1000 L bag weighs approximately 450 kg.

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