This is a high quality softwood briquettes made from compressed sawmill shavings. Buya full 960kg heat log pallet with compressed wood logs packed in easy-to-handle 10kg packs.

The eco wood briquettes prices include VAT and Standard Delivery.

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24 x 10 KG (£624.79 per tonne)
48 x 10 KG (£520.73 per tonne)
72 x 10 KG (£458.26 per tonne)
96 x 10 KG (£427.03 per tonne)

  • Ready to Burn Certificate assigned to Heat Logs by Luxury Wood CompanyOur longest-selling heat log is the Eco Wood Briquette, made from sustainably forested virgin timber and produced without any chemicals, additives, or binding agents. These wonderful compressed wood logs emit a good bright flame and due to their very low moisture content a sturdy heat output. Perhaps our best structured heat log these a usually more expensive than our other brands. 

    These heat logs are packed in easy-to-handle 10kg recyclable plastic bags, with each bag containing a set of cylindrical heat logs. A full pallet of heat logs contains 96 bags and so are excellently priced. Our eco wood briquettes will break into smaller pieces and we recommend you break them before burning and use small pieces to start your fire, as they will expand when burning. 

    With the Luxury Wood Eco Wood Briquette, you will get Ready to Burn certified logs:

    - Energy output of 4.5kwh/kg
    - Weight per pack - 10 Kg
    - No additives, binding agents or chemicals
    - Produced from sustainable sources
    - Sturdy 100% recyclable packaging

    Please note that heat logs must be kept away from moisture and stored in a dry area so they remain in good condition while in storage. Compressed wood logs are a great sustainable alternative to traditional fuels and are one of our all-time best sellers. Don’t think twice! Аdd this product to your cart and order today.

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