Oak Featheredge Cladding. Price includes 20% VAT.

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5/10 x 75 x 2400mm
5/15 x 100 x 2400mm
5/15 x 150 x 2400mm
5/15 x 200 x 2400mm
6/16 x 225 x 2400mm
8/25 x 250 x 2600mm

    • Fresh Sawn Oak Featheredge Cladding

    • The most cost efficient way to provide a highly rustic and durable look. Can be stained for longevity in appearance, or can be left to weather to a greyed/silver appearance.

    • Available in the following dimensions. 

    1. 5mm/10mm x 75mm x 2400mm Super Mini Oak Cladding Board
    2. 5mm/15mm x 100mm x 2400mm Mini Oak Cladding Board
    3. 5mm/15mm x 150mm x 2400mm Narrow Oak Cladding Board
    4. 5mm/15mm x 200mm x 2400mm Medium Oak Cladding Board
    5. 6mm/16mm x 225mm  x 2400mm Wide Oak Cladding Board
    6. 8mm/25mm x 250mm  2600mm Heavy Duty Oak Cladding Board

    • Remember to calculate the overlaps in your requirements by area. So for example: 

    1. A 50mm overlap on the 250mm board leaves you with 0.20m x 2.6m coverage, or 0.52m2 coverage per board. 

    2. A 30mm overlap on the 100mm board leaves you with 0.07m x 2.4m coverage, or 0.168m2 coverage per board. 

    3. Finally, measure the area in metres squared (m2) that you want to cover, add 20% for wastage, then divide by the coverage provide by your cladding piece after overlap. That is the number of pieces you need. So for example, a 40m2 area with 20% additional for wastage, is 48m2, and using the 250mm board and a 50mm overlap as in the example above, would require 48m2 divided by a coverage area of 0.52m2, or 92 pieces required. 


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