High-quality grooved and ribbed (reversible) Larch decking boards, made from slow-grown premium timber. Price includes 20% VAT.

These kiln-dried Larch decking boards are naturally durable and have a proven life expectancy of over 50 years. The boards' dimensions are 145mm x 28mm; Kiln-dried to approx 13-19%, but may vary between production and installation on-site.

  • Size: 145 mm x 28 mm
  • Graded to BS EN 942, Grade AB (high grade, virtually knot free)

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3.0 Metres

  • Kiln-dried larch decking works great for both residential and commercial projects. Known for its impressive dimensional strength, low installation price, low maintenance, and high manufacturing standards, it's a sensible and sustainable choice.

    The grooved/ribbed profile can help with water runoff when installed at a slope.

    Learn more about the benefits of larch here.

    Benefits of deck boards with grooves or ribs

    - Reversible profile, either face can be exposed upwards
    - Graded to BS EN 942, Grade AB
    - Naturally durable and does not need treatment
    - Helps with water drainage if installed at a proper slope


    - Type of wood: Larch from sustainable forests
    - Life span: Proven life expectancy of 50+ years
    - Grade: Graded to BS EN 942, Grade AB (high grade, virtually knot free)
    - Thick and wide pieces: 145 mm x 28 mm
    - Available Lengths: 3.0 Metres; 
    - Purpose: Exterior use
    - Insect attack: Resistant
    - Wood Density: 590kg/m³
    - Moisture: Kiln-dried to approx 13-19% before machining but may vary between production and installation on site.
    - Impact and abrasion: Resistant. Naturally durable, it does not need treating. 
    - Appearance: The wood is a golden yellow colour with a strong grain pattern, similar to pine. Depending on the grade, the boards may include some or many dark knots.


    Why do decking boards have grooves?

    Contrary to popular belief, decking boards are not grooved to make them anti-slip. The grooves are meant to allow moisture to drain better and improve airflow. In fact, most manufacturers recommend installing the boards grooved-side down, to provide circulation beneath the boards. This improves the longevity of your deck. If you're installing your boards grooved-side up, make sure to fit them with a slight tilt to avoid the opposite effect.

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