We offer top-quality kiln dried alder logs with less than 20% moisture content, ideal for people who prefer the economic savings of a lighter hardwood. Our Alder firewood crates prices include VAT and Standard Delivery.

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ALDER FULL CRATE / Loose Vol: 2.0 m3 / £125.00 m3

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    Alder is known as a "light hardwood", which produces slightly less heat than heavier hardwoods but burns beautifully and is simply perfect for smaller rooms, outdoor chimineas or summer and autumn nights. Our crates of kiln-dried Alder logs are incredible value for money having just over 2 loose cubic metres of logs per crate inside each one of them. For a higher heat output which still realises the economic savings of Alder, mix these with some Oak logs or one of our excellent heat logs.  

    Crate Sizes

    Full crate dimensions1.145m x 1.05m x 1.2m (external) / Loose Vol.: 2.0 m3

    Technical Details

    - Moisture Content: 10-20%
    - Log Length: 25cm
    - Type: 100% Alder Kiln Dried Logs

    - Please remove the plastic wrap from the sides of the crate once you receive your order.

    If you are searching for logs for an outdoor chiminea, summer autumn burning or heating a small room, make sure the firewood you buy has been properly dried. Our kiln-dried Alder logs are dried to below 20% moisture content and despite the reputation of Alder as being a low heat firewood, it is still an excellent burning wood with a bright flame and beautiful aroma. 

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