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Our Imperial Heat® wood pellets are only available from The Luxury Wood Company, produced using the highest grades of debarked virgin timber. You will find our Imperial Heat® wood pellets well packaged in convenient 10 kilogram bags and the high calibre of the product means they also carry one of the best energy ratings in the industry (5.5kWh/kg). Our pellets are both EN+A1 and Biomass Supplier List (BSL) certified.

More advice on Wood Pellets from The LWC Team...

With the launch of the Renewable Heat Incentive wood pellets are fast becoming one of the most popular sources of domestic renewable energy on the market. The excellent efficiency offered by modern wood pellet boilers means that using wood pellets to heat your home can offer significant reductions on your electricity bill. Most modern wood pellet burners will also allow you to heat your water system with wood pellets. This means that your entire heating system can be run from the energy provided by regular wood pellet deliveries. If you have any questions about our wood pellets please do not hesitate to call us for further information.

Customers wishing to use our wood pellets to gain payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) should read here for further information. We expect the demand for wood pellets in 2014 to be higher than previous years so we encourage customers to order before the onset of winter is possible. If you have any questions about our wood pellets or how to use wood pellets with an approved appliance please contact us.





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