Unbranded 15kg Non EN+ Pellets. Price includes Standard Delivery and VAT. 

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65 X 15 KG BAGS (£353.79 /Tonne)
50 X 15 KG BAGS (£399.93/Tonne)

  • At a very reduced price we now have unbranded pellets. Although this pellet is not EN+A1 certified, it exceeds the EN+A1 specification. 

    - 6mm wood pellet;
    - Made from sustainable forestry;
    - 100% renewable energy;
    - Low carbon emissions.


    Full information can be found here.


    What are wood pellets used for?

    They're commonly used for heating purposes in homes (in biomass boilers), as well as in industrial boilers or power plants to generate electricity. Other applications of pelletized wood fuel include cooking, smoking, and even animal bedding in horse stalls.

    Are wood pellets eco-friendly?

    Wood pellets are carbon-neutral, helping us reduce our overall carbon footprint. When burned, they produce carbon dioxide that's equivalent to the amount taken from the atmosphere by trees.

    In addition, they create almost no ash, and whatever ash they do produce can be used in the garden to enrich the soil with lime and potassium.

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