An organic Topsoil particularly suited for growing a wide variety of fruit and vegetable types available in our  Large Bulk Bags (approx. 1000l).

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  • This topsoil is truly Eco friendly: consisting of a blend of responsibly sourced recycled natural topsoil blended with mature, high quality composted material at a 70/30 ratio. This topsoil produces a fertile, consistent multi purpose soil screened to 5-10mm. Ideal for gardening jobs on a budget including planting, turfing and landscaping.


    - Free flowing
    - Light fluffy texture
    - Easy to work with
    - Extremely economical
    - Eco friendly
    - Responsibly sourced recycled material
    - Organic content & Peat Free
    - pH 7 - 8.5.

    Ideal For:

    - Flowers
    - Beds and Borders
    - Seeding
    - Turfing
    - Planting
    - General Landscaping

    We deliver all over the UK. Order a large (approx 1000l) Bulk Bag online today.

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