Top 7 Ideas For Using Railway Sleepers In The Garden

Top 7 Ideas For Using Railway Sleepers In The Garden

Railway sleepers. There are so many great ways to use them and improve your garden’s aesthetics.

We stock green untreated oak sleepers in a variety of sizes so you can have exactly what you need for your landscaping project. Why oak? Because it is hardwood, highly resistant to decay, weather and rain, it maintains colour, and can last for many years untreated. The natural tannins in oak is the most effective preservative so your sleepers will not need any treating and are safe for children to touch.

Check out these 7 ideas for using oak railway sleepers in the garden:

Garden Edging

Oak sleepers are great for edging your garden because they are robust and durable. You can use them to form a beautiful border around flower beds, grass or your patio.

Garden edging with railway sleepers

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garden edging with oak sleepers

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Garden sleepers edging

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Raised Beds, Planters, and Retainer Walls

Laying oak sleepers vertical or horizontal you can attractively create raised beds, planters or borders. This will highlight an area, creating a beautiful contrast to the rest of the yard.

Railway Sleepers Raised Beds

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oak sleepers raised bed

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garden sleepers used for raised beds

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Railway sleepers ideas - retainer walls in the garden

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Oak sleepers ideas - planters and retainer walls

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Garden Furniture

Have you tried building your own garden furniture with oak sleepers? Due to oak’s durability, long-lasting lifespan and rustic look, it is a perfect simple but attractive piece for garden furniture.

oak sleepers garden furniture

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railway sleepers table idea

Source: @dickys_wood on Instagram

rustic garden sleepers furniture ideas

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rustic oak railway sleepers garden furniture idea

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Deck Area

Natural garden deckings provide a wonderful environment for dinner parties in the garden.

oak railway sleepers deck area

Source: @nailedithomeandgarden on Instagram

Garden Steps

Railway sleepers make great rustic garden steps. They are a simple, beautiful alternative to concrete steps.

garden sleepers stairs ideas

Source: @jafthegardener on Instagram

untreated oak sleepers garden steps ideas

Source: @our_shelford_journey on Instagram

Garden Pathways

A brilliant way to break up your lawn is creating sleeper pathways. These beautiful paths give easy access across the garden space and protect your grass.

natural garden pathways with oak sleepers

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railway sleepers pathway in the garden

Source: @kithomebasics on Instagram

Garden Ponds

Creating a garden pond with sleepers will add a unique twist to your garden. This is something that will definitely impress your garden party guests.

railway sleepers garden pond ideas

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oak sleepers fish pond

Source: @freshbros_uk on Instagram

Did you like our ideas for using railway sleepers in the garden? Are you ready to start building? Order your oak sleepers online on our website and check out our previous article - Building With Railway Sleepers - to learn how to cut, lay and join your garden sleepers.

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