Luxury Wood Customers’ Garden Sleepers Projects

We are writing this article with overwhelming joy and pride to share with you the amazing garden sleepers projects built by our awesome Luxury Wood customers! Raised beds, planters, retainer walls, rustic furniture, patios, steps, pathways and more… all created with our green oak railway sleepers

Oak timber is ideal for a variety of landscaping projects. It is hardwood and highly resistant to decay, weather and rain. Oak can last for many years untreated and is safe for children to touch. 

We are sure this article will give you some great inspiration and ideas on how to use our oak sleepers to create your own landscaping projects and add new unique features to your gardens or backyards. And if you would like to learn how to properly cut, lay and join oak sleepers, make sure to also check out our article “Building with railway sleepers”.  

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who shared their amazing projects with us. It’s their creativity that inspired us for this post. If you want to see more amazing sleepers projects and be the first to know about our promotions or giveaways, sign up for our newsletter.

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Here Is How Our Customers Are Using Railway Sleepers For Raised Beds, Borders and Retainer Walls

Retaining wall and raised beds build with oak sleepers

Photo by Don R. who installed a retaining wall and raised beds with oak sleepers he bought from us last year.


Sleepers project garden border

Photo by Richard P. 

This is what Richard says about his sleepers project: 

“I've attached a photograph of my front garden showing how I used your oak sleepers on a border which sloped from side to side and front to back. I set the sleepers on a 300mm deep pea shingle base, to provide drainage and coach screwed each sleeper to the one below.”


Raised beds from oak sleepers and oak fence posts

Photo by Jim A. who built raised beds with our oak sleepers and oak fence posts. 


Landscaping garden ideas with railway sleepers

Photo by John H. of his wonderful landscaping project.


Raised beds garden project ideas

Photo by Ray P.

Here is what Ray said about his garden sleepers project:

“These are my brilliant solid oak raised beds made from your sleepers all bolted together and lined in plastic they have been left to a natural finish and look great, I hope you agree.”


Railway sleepers used for raised bed

Another photo by Ray P. showing a close up of one of his wonderful wooden raised beds. 


Hexagon raised bed built with oak sleepers in the garden

Photo by Beverley H. of a hexagon raised bed.


beautiful garden project with green oak sleepers

Photo by Paul C. who used our oak sleepers to create this wonderful bed.


Garden landscaping with sleepers

Photo by Keith T.

This is what Keith says about this garden sleepers project:

“Oak sleepers enabled me to construct a unique circular backing wall around a raised decking area. The circular design of up-ended sleepers optimises the use of corners in a garden, The sleepers also allowed me to construct a raised flower bed on 2 sides which was necessary as I needed to terrace a sloping garden to make all areas accessible. The Grade A sleepers were perfect for this. No additional treatment was necessary, but I bevelled the visible edges with an electric plane (very easy) for cosmetic effect.”


Planter built from green oak railway sleepers

Photo by Stephen T. of a lovely planter built out of our oak railway sleepers. 


Clean and simple raised bed built with green railway sleepers

Photo by Kevin M. of this clean and simple raised bed.


Allotment Sleeper Retainer Wall - Garden project

Photo by Gareth R. of his allotment and sleeper retaining wall. He used our 100 x 200 x 2400 mm oak sleepers.


Untreated sleepers project in progress

Photo by Ashley T.

Here is what Ashley wrote about her sleepers project:

“We have been working on this project for several months now as we had to shift tonnes of soil (mostly by hand!). The plan is to have a summer house to the right and in the left will be a decking area. We run out of sleepers but intend to buy some more to finish this project off hopefully in time for the summer!”


Untreated oak sleepers used for a vertical garden wall

Photo by John L. who used our Luxury Wood oak sleepers vertically to create a garden wall for a boarder.


Vertical wall built with green oak sleepers in the garden

Photo by Justin R. who also used our sleepers vertically to create a wall.


Garden sleepers project photo

Photo by Francesco S. 

Here is what Francesco says about his garden sleepers project: 

“We have a garden that slopes away to a railway line at the back of the property. I wanted to level it out a bit so my son could play football easier. I used your sleepers to build two retaining walls across the garden and a cross brace and then inset a flush deck on one side and left a gravel area in front of the workshop. Back filled with topsoil and sand, my son has since ruined the grass! Simple but effective. “


Patio retaining wall with steps built from oak sleepers

Photo by Alan N. who used our sleepers within his patio retaining wall and incorporated a lowered corner section for planting. He also integrated 5 steps to raise the patio.


1 m high retaining wall built with oak sleepers

Photo by Alexander R. who used 70 oak sleepers to create a 1m high retaining wall with steps.


Garden sleepers project with oak beams

Photo of Axel S. who used solid oak beams to separate the garden area from his garden studio. 

Garden Furniture Projects Made With Our Green Oak Sleepers


Garden bench built with untreated sleepers

Photo by Gareth R. He built a bench made out of our 100 x 200 x 2400 mm oak sleepers for the posts, 75 x 75 x 2400 mm for rails / supports and 50 x 200 x 2400 mm sleepers for the seat and back benching.


Sturdy garden bench from green sleepers

Photo by Stephen T. who built this fantastic bench from our green oak sleepers.


Garden table built with railway sleepers

Photo by Richard D.

Here is what Richard said about his project:

“Made from a mix of sleepers and grades with galvanized coach bolts and a few screws. Simple design and robust as you like. I did trim ends to create a final 2100mm top. To buy probably 3-4 times cost to build.” 


Garden table and stools built with oak sleepers

Photo by Noel G. who built an oak table and stools for his deck. 


Heavy duty garden table made from railway sleepers

Photo by Peter C.

Here is how Peter created a fantastic table with our sleepers:

“Heavy duty patio table that I made using the 100x200x2400 oak sleepers I purchased from your company. I fabricated the frame from 100x100 steel box section steel, fully welded and strengthened and then had it powder coated graphite grey. The sleepers are fixed to the frame using 8mm stainless steel coach screws. The wooden sleepers have been finished with a good quality teak oil. This is probably the most heavy duty patio table available and hopefully it will last for many years.”


Memorial bench from oak sleepers

Photo by T.A.Wilson who built a remembrance bench that he made in memory of a friend.

Using Garden Sleepers For Decking


Green oak sleepers used for decking

Photo by Simon R.

Here is what Simon says about his sleepers project:

“Pictures of nearly finished decking with gazebo. Decking has been sanded and the fence is un sanded. Fence used up some offcuts. Used 2.4m by 25mm thick oak sleepers mixed grade. Still a pergola to put up and bollards with rope to put up next to stream.”


Decking made of railway sleepers

Photo by Simon R.

Here is what Simon shares about this project:

“Pictures of nearly finished octagonal deck. Matches octagonal summerhouse. 2.4m by 25mm mixed oak sleepers used and sanded. A few sleepers used for retaining walls. Need to put a cedar skirt round the deck to finish off.”

Garden Stairs & Pathways Projects Made With Luxury Wood’s Green Oak Sleepers


Sleepers used to build garden wall and stairs

Photo by Stephen T. who built a retaining wall with steps built out of our oak railway sleepers.


beautiful oak sleepers stairs

Photo by Mark B. who build garden steps with our sleepers.


Garden path made from sleepers

Photo by Stephen T. who built this stunning path from Luxury Wood’s oak sleepers.

Log Store Built With Our Oak Railway Sleepers

Log store made from oak sleepers

Photo by John L. who used the sleepers to build his own log store filled with Luxury Wood kiln dried oak logs.

A Garden Pond Project With Luxury Wood’s Sleepers

Garden pond built with oak railway sleepers

Photo by John P. who constructed a pond from the sleepers he purchased from us last summer. They have turned a lovely silvery grey colour.

A Boot Rack Made With Our Sleepers

Oak sleepers used horizontally for boot rack

Photo by Stephen T. who built this wonderful boot rack.

A Bed Built With Our Green Oak Sleepers

Railway sleepers used to build an indoors luxury bed

Photo of a comfy bed built with our oak sleepers by Alvin O.

Indoor Shelves Project Made With Our Luxury Wood Oak Sleepers

Indoors shelf made from oak sleepers

Photo by Mark L.

Here is what Mark shared about his sleepers project:

“I couldn't find chunky enough shelves for a dead space in the living room, so decided to make my own. The oak sleepers were great and look fantastic. Really pleased with the outcome. Took a bit of work, but well worth the effort.”

Those were amazing, weren't they! If you are ready to start creating your own garden sleeper projects, go ahead and order your oak sleepers online on our website: 

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