Premium briquette logs made of оак shavings for longer burn.

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Pallet: 192 x 5 KG (£412.65 per tonne)
Pallet: 144 x 5 KG (£439.65 per tonne)
Pallet: 96 x 5 KG (£507.83 per tonne)
Pallet: 48 x 5 KG (£624.79 per tonne)

  • Ready to Burn Certificate assigned to Heat Logs by Luxury Wood Company

    Our Oak briquette logs are made of 100% oak hardwood shavings, without any artificial additives and chemicals needed. These logs are a premium product which produce a fantastic heat and have a very high calorific value. Note that a pure oak briquette is not as stable as a softwood briquette because oak shavings naturally bind less than softwood, so they will crumble and break into smaller pieces, but still burn beautifully. If you want a very rigid briquette that will hold its form then please purchase our softwood ECO-Briquettes. These have a lesser heat output but is a much stronger briquette. 

    • - No additives, binding agents, or chemicals
    • - Made from Oak sawdust
    • - 4.9 kwh/kg
    • - Weight Per Pack 5 Kg
    • - Produced from sustainable sources
    • Sturdy packaging
    • - Packing may differ from the method pictured here 

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