Full Fresh Sawn Live edge Oak Planks. Price includes standard delivery and VAT.  

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30mm x 250-350mm x 800mm
30mm x 250-350mm x 1200mm
30mm x 250-350mm x 1500mm
30mm x 250-350mm x 2000mm
30mm x 350-450mm x 800mm
30mm x 350-450mm x 1200mm
30mm x 350-450mm x 1500mm
30mm x 450-550mm x 800mm
30mm x 450-550mm x 1200mm
50mm x 250-350mm x 800mm
50mm x 250-350mm x 1200mm
50mm x 350-450mm x 800mm
50mm x 450-550mm x 800mm

  • Our Full Live Edge Waney Oak Planks are cut to various sizes and are sent for carpentry projects. These are "Full Live Edge" so have bark on both edges. If you are after one square edge then see our Half Live Edge boards. 

    Note that widths are given as a narrowest point to widest point range.   

    Please note these have not been kiln dried. The majority have been aired for several months or more and have lost moisture but should be considered "green". 

    Although we do not send these out with deep splits in them, hairline cracks may be present and Green Oak must be allowed to acclimatise gently to avoid deep splits, and you should be mindful of this before this wood goes into service. Knots may be present.

    Sent via courier or very large orders may come via van courier.

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