RUF Briquettes - known for their convenient size and huge heat output! 

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24 x 10 KG (£624.79 per tonne)
48 x 10 KG (£499.90 per tonne)
72 x 10 KG (£458.26 per tonne)
96 x 10 KG (£427.03 per tonne)

  • Ready to Burn Certificate assigned to Heat Logs by Luxury Wood Company RUF wood briquettes are made of dry, untreated wood shavings from sawmill residues. Pressed under immense pressure without any binder, they are a very clean and efficient wood fuel favoured by the British for many years. Possibly one of the highest heat outputs of any wood fuel, they are sure to please users. 

    RUF Briquettes are known for their "bar" style shape, which arises from the special machines used to make them.  

    Many people prefer the RUF briquettes because of the density and massive heat output they afford. A favourite among sawmills and joiner shops looking to allocate a sensible use to worksop waste, they are an eco-friendly alternative to firewood because of their sensible costs and availability.  


    • - Packed in 100% Recyclable plastic  
    • - 4.8kwh per KG 
    • - 100% Organic softwood shavings
    • - No additives or binders


    These RUF briquettes mix well with firewoods such as Alder and Birch. You should budget for a maximum of two pallets for a 5kw stove in one standard winter. 

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