Timber fence posts ensure the stability and durability of the entire landscaping fence or heavy-duty structure. Browse through a variety of US4-graded fencing posts, including pointed fence posts.

- Suitable for domestic, agricultural and commercial use
- 15-year warranty
- Treated timber

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75 x 75 x 1800
75 x 75 x 2400
100 x 100 x 2400
100 x 100 x 3000
75 x 125 x 1800 (POINTED)
75 x 150 x 1800 (POINTED)

  • Our UC4-graded timber fence posts are available in a variety of sizes and lengths. Thus, allowing you to select the perfect one for your project. If you plan to sink your post in the ground, please, ensure that you have an extra 600mm length at your disposal.

    All timber fence posts for sale, supplied by the Luxury Wood Company, are pressure treated and incised. This allows for optimal preservative penetration. In our case, we use either Tanatone or Tanalith E for all our fence posts. 

    Thanks to intense pressure treatment with quality preservatives, we can guarantee 15 years of longevity for your fencing posts, and for UC4 graded, this includes in-ground posts. 

    Our fencing boards are compatible with all products from the UK Landscaping Timber category on our website.

    Benefits of Using Luxury Wood Company Fence Posts:

    - UC4 Graded for “In-Ground” Contact

    - Incised for Optimal Preservative Penetration

    - Pressure Treated with Tanalith E

    - Natural, Light Green Shade

    - 15 Year Warranty 

    - Crane Delivery Guaranteed

    - 2 Sizes of Pointed Fence Posts Available

    Recommended depth for sinking: 600mm

    How are deliveries made?

    At Luxury Wood, we guarantee that every order you make for fencing material will be delivered with a specialized crane-equipped vehicle. Our trucks have a crane (also known as a “Hiab”). This is a lifting device used to safely and efficiently offload timber boards, posts and rails. 

    Thanks to the crane delivery guarantee, you can rest assured that offloading will be possible even for very large orders. Moreover, we will place the stacks of timber as close to your property as possible.

    IMPORTANT: Please note that we use 26-tonne vehicles - we cannot get down very narrow lanes (less than 5m wide) or where there is no room to turn the truck around. 

    Due to safety concerns, we cannot lift timber over parked vehicles or in any situation where safety is not 100% ensured. If you have any concerns about ease of delivery, please call us on 0115 697 1118 to discuss.

    For more information about timber deliveries, please check our Delivery page.

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