Quality incised and pressure treated featheredge boards. 11/22 mm wide. UC3-graded for “permanent outdoor exposure”. Boards are sold individually. Cut from spruce - the recommended timber for creating feather edge panels.

All boards are 125 mm wide and available in several lengths. Light green shade.

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11/22 x 125 x 1200
11/22 x 125 x 1650
11/22 x 125 x 1800
11/22 x 125 x 2400

  • Featheredge boards offer more versatility and flexibility than a traditional fence panel. This makes them perfect for projects with uneven surfaces. In addition, our featheredge is ideal for creating close board fencing panels. For this purpose, we recommend that you attach them to our Squared Battens, Arris Rails, or Cant Rails, for a solid fence.

    We use a single solid spruce board to create every two featheredge boards. The thick board is cut diagonally to create two pieces of 11/22 x 125. You can combine our featheredge with the rest of the products we sell in the Landscaping Timber category on our website. 

    Benefits of Using Luxury Wood Company Featheredge Boards:

    - UC3 Graded for “Permanent Outdoor Exposure”

    - Incised for Optimal Preservative Penetration

    - Pressure-Treated with Tanalith E

    - Natural, Light Green Shade

    - 15 Year Warranty 

    - Crane Delivery Guaranteed

    Pro Tip: It is easy to calculate how many pieces of featheredge you need. Simply deduct your desired overlap from your board width, then divide 1000mm by that width to calculate the lengths per metre needed. So for a 125mm feather board and 25mm overlap, Deduct 25 from 125 = 100. 1000mm divided by 100mm is 10, so you need 10 boards per linear metre of fence line. For a 225mm feather and a 50mm overlap, deduct 50 from 225 = 175. 1000mm divided by 175mm = 5.7 boards per metre (6 to be safe). 

    How are deliveries made?

    At Luxury Wood, we guarantee that every order you make for fencing material will be delivered with a specialised crane-equipped vehicle. Our trucks have a crane (also known as a “Hiab”) and are delivering nationwide every day of the week.  This is a lifting device used to safely and efficiently offload timber boards, posts and rails. 

    Thanks to the crane delivery guarantee, you can be sure that even the largest orders can be offloaded quickly. Moreover, we will place the stacks of timber as close to your property as possible.

    IMPORTANT: Please note that we use 26-tonne vehicles - we cannot get down very narrow lanes (less than 5m wide) or where there is no room to turn the truck around. 

    Due to safety concerns, we cannot lift timber over parked vehicles or in any situation where safety is not 100% ensured. If you have any concerns about ease of delivery, please call us on 0115 697 1118 to discuss.

    For more information about timber deliveries, please check our Delivery page.

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