UC3-graded, pressure-treated gravel boards. Choose quality gravel boards in a natural light green shade. They are also perfect for vertical pales on any fence where a stronger or more sturdy perimeter is needed. 

Warranty: 15 Years

Price includes VAT.

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22 x 150 x 1800
22 x 150 x 2400
22 x 150 x 3000
22 X 150 X 3600

  • Gravel boards are designed to extend the life of your fence and provide you with an additional layer of rot protection. More importantly, they ensure the stability of featheredge panels which rest on them, and also protect them from garden moisture and pests.

    In the long run, using gravel boards at the bottom of your fence will prove cost-effective. You will save a lot by having to replace just the perimeter of gravel boards rather than every single fence panel in years to come. 

    For most projects a 150mm-high gravel board can be installed underneath each fence panel at ground level and will limit rising ground moisture or any garden soil from coming into contact with the rest of the fence.

    Our gravel boards are 100% compatible with all products listed in the Fencing category of our website.

    Gravel boards are also an alternative to using Oak sleepers to complete other garden projects such as edging, boards or even planters.

    Benefits of Using Luxury Wood Company Gravel Boards:

    - UC3 Graded for “Permanent Outdoor Exposure”

    - Incised and Pressure Treated with Tanalith E

    - Natural, Light Green Shade

    - 15 Year Warranty 

    - Crane Delivery

    How are deliveries made?

    At Luxury Wood, we guarantee that every order you make for fencing material will be delivered with a specialised crane-equipped vehicle. Our trucks have a crane (also known as a “Hiab”). This is a lifting device that is used to safely and efficiently offload timber boards, posts and rails. 

    Thanks to the crane delivery guarantee, you can be sure that we can offload even the largest quantities. Moreover, we will place the stacks of timber as close to your property as possible and even over fences and garden hedges. 

    IMPORTANT: Please note that we use 26-tonne vehicles - we cannot get down very narrow lanes (less than 5m wide) or where there is no room to turn the truck around. 

    Due to safety concerns, we cannot lift timber over parked vehicles or in any situation where safety is not 100% ensured. If you have any concerns about ease of delivery, please call us on 0115 697 1118 to discuss.

    For more information about timber deliveries, please check our Delivery page.

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